Full Catalogue

This is almost a complete list of my compositions and arrangements. Works for classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, violin and guitar and songs. If you are interested in any of those that are handwritten please contact me by email: info@hvartchilkov.com


“Herr Unser Herrscher” (after Bach) – S.Hvartchilkov  (classical guitar, typed notation) 

Sonata No.1  “Spontaneous” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, typed )

“Hurdy-Gurdy of Good and Evil” (Toccata) – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, typed )

“Son of the Morning (Luciferiada)” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, typed )

“Gethsemane Night” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, typed )                                                  

Two short preludes: “Prelude of a Thousand Smiles” & “Waiting for the Light to Come Back” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, typed)                                                                             

“O, Jesus, it’s so cold without you” (Prayer) – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, typed)      

“Ruach” (Fantasia) – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, handwritten)                                               

“Purify Me” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar,, handwritten)                                                            

“Upstream the River of Life” (duo guitar + violin) – S.Hvartchilkov (typed)                      

“Awake to the Logos” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, handwritten)                                    

“Jazz Palette”(Nocturne) – S.Hvartchilkov (classical/electric guitar, handwritten)              

“Welsh Rivers” (Pastorale) – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, handwritten)                                 

“Sunny in 12 Keys” (variations on a theme by Bobby Hebb) – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, handwritten)                                                                                                                           

“Bag of Tricks” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, typed)                                                                 

“Far Away from Home” (trio guitars) – S.Hvartchilkov (typed)                                          

Prelude “The Door of Repentance” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, handwritten)          

“New for you” (short Prelude) – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, typed)                             

“Halleljuah” (Theme from “Messiah” by Handel) –  S.Hvartchilkov (steel string acoustic guitar, handwritten)                                                                                                                               

“O Happy Day” – The Edwin Hawkins Singers –  (bass guitar, handwritten)                                    

“When the Saints go Marching In” (bass guitar, handwritten)                                             

Prelude “The Door of Repentance” – S.Hvartchilkov  (electric guitar, handwritten)          

“Free take on 2 arias by Bach” – – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, handwritten – notation without rhythm indication)  

“Inner Altitudes” – S.Hvartchilkov (classical guitar, handwritten)         



Prelude No.1 in C major (from WTK I) – J.S.Bach   (classical guitar, typed)  3 pages                  

 Prelude BWV 847 (C minor) – J.S.Bach      (classical guitar, typed)  3 pages                     

“Musical Moment No.3” (op.94) – F.Schubert (classical guitar, typed)  2 pages                            

“Jesus bleibet meine Freude” (Jesus Remains My Joy) (BWV 147) – J.S. Bach (classical guitar, typed)    4 pages                                                                                                                         

“Fantasie Impromptue”, Op.66  +  “Valse No.2”, Op.69 – F.Chopin (for two guitars) -(typed)                       

“Misty” – E.Garner  (classical guitar, typed)   3 pages                                                                      

Adagio Molto (from “Autumn”) – A.Vivaldi – (classical guitar, typed )   2 pages                 

“Minuet” from String Quartet 0p.11 – L.Boccherini  (classical guitar, typed)  3 pages         

“Little Rossiniana” (Figaro’s Aria) – G. Rossini (classical guitar, typed)  4 pages              

“Salut de Amour” 3p and “Chanson de Matin”4p (duo guitar + violin) – E.Elgar  (typed)     

Adagio KV261 (duo guitar + violin) – W.A. Mozart(typed 6p)                                                          

“Passacaglia” after Handel (duo guitar + violin) – J.Halvorsen (typed 8p)                           

“Ich Ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ” BWV 639  (duo guitar + violin) – J.S. Bach  (typed 2p)  

“Tico Tico no Fuba” (Choro) – Z. de Abreu  (classical guitar, typed + TAB)  5 pages       

“Aria Goldberg Variations” – J.S. Bach (classical guitar, typed)   2 pages                            

“Chi Mai” (classical guitar, handwritten)   

“I Got a Woman” – Ray Charles (electric guitar, handwritten)

“Carmen Suite” by G.Bizet co-arrangement with Nazrin Rashidova  for guitar+violin duet (typed notation)

“Carnival of Venice variations”  co-arrangement with Nazrin Rashidova  for guitar+violin duet (typed notation)


OTHER COMPOSITIONS:   (handwritten music available on request)


“New For You” – for male vocal + guitar

“Passacaglia for Christ”  – for female and male voice + guitar

“Psalm” –  for male vocal + guitar

“Samba of Death” – for male vocal + guitar

“Without Many Words” – for male vocal + guitar


“Purify Me”

“Prelude to Infinity”

“Light Above the Clouds” (for el.guitar and string quartet)

“Awake to the Logos” (co-work with Angel Demirev)

“Prison of Flesh”

“Future Hill part 1” and “Future Hill part 2”


“World From Above”


“Song for the Shepherd” (“We Saw you from Afar”)   – classical guitar part written by S.Hvartchilkov, electric guitar part written by Angel Demirev